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hospital management

You want it we build it…

Job Title

The clients and Medtitans will create a long-term sustainable brand and legacy.



Owned/Joint Venture Hospitals/ Alliances

Asset Owned

Potential to upgrade/ expand

Top Service Lines: Cardiology, Med and Surgical Oncology with clinical research, Critical Care, Radiology, Trauma.


Managed Beds

Long term rental/operations contracts

Typically, Between 75 to 100 beds.

Top Service Lines: Cardiology, Critical Care, OncoSurgery and Medical Oncology, Minimally Invasive Surgery


Hospital in Hospital Concept

We own and operate the following Service Lines in an established hospital which could be government contracts in PPP or single specialty hospitals.

Primary Service Lines: Cardiology, Critical Care


Turnkey Management

We can build a world class team for you in about 12-18 months if the Client wishes to operate it. We would take care of creating and implementing process and protocols as per NABH Norms, Vendor management, and ISO. Create systems for managing Medical records and legal compliance, Budgeting, SOP's Implementation and recruit the best talent including Consultant empanelment and other healthcare clinicians allowing the Client a head start in the industry.



Set up State of the art OT and ICUs ward to provide tertiary care in existing hospitals.


We ensure this which is the most important factors for long term sustainability of a HealthCare system by operating with a robust Vendor Management System, reducing wastage by developing stock tracking systems and ensuring high end consumables are cost effective.


Provide experienced specialist surgeons, doctors nurses and other Clinical experts.


Robust marketing strategies


Provide expertise to effectively manage tertiary hospital operations as per NABH approved standards.

Consistent and sustainable operational management


Upskill and help develop nurses, RMOs essential for both critical clinical care and their growth.


HOW WE DO IT... the art and the science

MedTitans provides expertise in strategy, clinical, technical, and business. From Vendor selection, change management, segment specific market attack plans to clinical transformation and strategic interests has deep understanding of the art, science, and business of healthcare.

The healthcare institutes in general and hospitals in particular aren’t built for change. They spend a lot of time procrastinating about the need for change, but do not always know how to initiate the change. This results in them either stagnating in status quo.

We at Medtitans recognise the need and hence proactively help the client organisation to take a different path to facilitate change that matters. A comprehensive assessment of existing operations system (including processes, management practices, mindset and behaviours, and capabilities) is carried out prior to us then sizing the full improvement potential. We then help build and scale top paying service lines like Cardiology, Critical Care and even Oncology at incredible speed, catapulting themselves into different sectors and markets and cutting across traditional value pools, while leveraging what they already do best. We focus on consolidating and further expanding existing skill base so that as well as unlocking new value, the Client organisation have the agility, processes, and skills they need not just to flourish but sustain the excellence in the future.

This approach isn’t easy but can create tremendous value. 


At Medtitans we use an integrated approach that addresses leadership, transformation, and functional capabilities across all levels of organization, from the executive team to the front line. We know the importance of engaging all levels of the organization to create ownership within each employee. By designing customised initiatives to realize realistic visions and achieve aspirations. We identify and launch sustainable quick wins.


MedTitans prides in the fact that the decisions that are made and advice given always has the client’s best strategic interest at its core.

Our clients are our priority, and our main objective is to create wining strategies by carefully understanding the client organization and culture, creating value by transforming their core business and redefine their Operations Management to deliver tangible results fast through hands-on partnership.


We convert an isolated healthcare facility in the fold of a modern integrated healthcare ecosystem whilst sustaining and consolidating the goodwill that the Owner has painstakingly built and in effect help create their legacy. Our key strength lies in…. Standardised and Replicable Processes which can be implemented readily and easily across the Hospital whilst maintaining and building the Legacy/ Brand that the client has envisages.

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